testing WebRTC video conferences

WebRTC video conferencing testing

Testing a three-party video conference in Google Chrome

Use these instructions for quick installation and configuration of the server. In addition to that, you can connect to our demo server to perform the tests

Test plan

  1. Connect to WCS server
  2. Create chat room
  3. Connect two participants via an invite link to the chat room
  4. Make sure that all the chat participants broadcast video streams


Testing video conferencing for three participants in Google Chrome

1. Log in to the server web-interface


2. Select “Conference” from the menu on the left side of the page



3. On the page that opens, in the “Login” field, specify a name for the first participant, for example, User 1, and click the “Join” button



4. Copy the link from the “Invite” field at the bottom of the page



5. Open a new Google Chrome browser window or another browser. Follow the copied link, enter the name for the second participant (User 2) in the “Login” field and click the “Join” button. Repeat these steps for the third party (User 3)



6. Done! Users share video streams. In our example, testing is carried out on one computer using a virtual camera that plays the video, so the picture is the same for all users



We successfully tested the conference for three participants in the Google Chrome browser. Similarly, the conference works in other browsers and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

More detailed information on the embedding of the conference in your web project can be found on the Embedding page.

Download Web Call Server 5

System requirements: Linux x86_64, 1 core CPU, 2 Gb RAM, Java

    Download Now    


  1. wget
  2. Unpack and install using ''
  3. Launch server using command 'service webcallserver start'
  4. Open the web interface https://host:8444 and activate your license


If you are using Amazon EC2, you don't need to download anything.

Launch WCS5 on Amazon EC2


Web Call Server Monthly Subscription

$145 per month





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