List of developers and IT companies that have experience embedding Flashphoner


Live-TV Service

The provision of Internet broadcasting services for television channels, signal delivery from the broadcaster to providers. Providing video transcoding services. System integration, construction and maintenance of broadcast channels of television channels, provider headends, setting up media servers, including Flashphoner WCS. Development and sale of software for television broadcasting.


We create media spaces – convenient web services for millions of people, online media and portals, and high-quality visual communication of brands: from logos to promosites.
Implement CRM and ERP systems, establish internal communications, improve business efficiency.


We are looking for independent developers and IT companies

Often we are approached by clients who are looking for developers who can implement the functionality of broadcasts, video surveillance or video chats, etc. to their website or to the current project.

If you are an independent developer with experience implementing Flashphoner or an IT company and are interested in such projects, please send us information about your profile and we can offer it to customers.

Your profile:
1. Full name or organization name.
2. A brief description of your activities. Experience with Flashphoner.
3. Contact information: Country of residence, website, e-mail, phone, skype, etc.
4. Profiles on Upwork, Linkedin, Facebook, Github, StackOverFlow, etc.

Please send us an email at and we’ll add you to the list of developers.

Data agreement

We undertake not to publish the information received in the public domain without your express permission. The data you provide will be available only at the request of companies identified as potential customers and conducting correspondence using a corporate mailing address. We reserve the right to provide or not to provide information to potential customers upon request, or to partially provide it. You can send a request to at any time and we will remove your data from the list of developers.