Review of WCS 5.2 – Server for Webcast and Webcam Developers


Alice is an experienced full stack developer, who is capable of writing a SAAS project framework on her favorite framework using php in a week. As for frontend, she prefers Vue.js. 

A client contacts you via Telegram, asking you to develop website that will be the meeting place for the employer and the employee to conduct an in-person interview. In-person means face-to-face, a direct video contact in real time with video and voice. “Why not use Skype?” some may ask. It just so happened that serious projects – and each startup undoubtedly considers itself a serious project – are trying to offer an internal communications service for a variety of reasons, including: More…

Dynamic CDN for Low Latency WebRTC Streaming with Stream Access Control
Dynamic CDN for Low Latency WebRTC Streaming with Transcoding
Dynamic CDN for Low Latency WebRTC Streaming Latency is evil
Flashphoner announces support for iOS Safari 11 browsers with the WebRTC technology

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