Server Build wcs_video, 885

We have added a diagnostic tool “Watchdog”.
The subsystem monitors Flashphoner server process and trying to register a predefined valid SIP account.
If the registration process is fail or if the Flashphoner server process is unavailable, the Watchdog will send you warning letter and automatically restart Flashphoner server.
After the restart, Flashphoner Watchdog will check registration again and send you confirmation email that the server is up and running.

Besides this, the watchdog will dump necessary logs before server reboot and save them a logs directory.
So we hope that your server will be more stable and more predictable.

Watchdog settings:

#JMX port. Leave as is.
#JMX login. Leave as is.
#JMX password. Leave as is.
#Max number of failure count for registration. After this limit is reached, it will be a trigger for watchdog and its further actions.
#If we have a failure, we will restore further chacking after this interval in milliseconds.
#We will check for failure each $failure_check_interval
#Email, that will be used for all watchdog reports
#It is a SIP account wich will be used for validation. Flashphoner will send SIP REGISTER request each failure_check_interval and it is expecting to get 200 OK SIP response for each request.
#These are delimiters for the credentials
#SMTP mail settings. Use your own SMTP server here.

How to use the watchdog:

#cd /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/bin

Running and stopping:

How to check the watchdog:

1. Try to kill the Flashphoner process.
ps aux | grep Flashphoner
kill -15 {pid}

Watchdog will run the process again and send you email.

2. Shutdown your SIP server or close outbound port 5060.
The watchdog will try to reboot server report you that you have SIP problems.