Launch Your WebRTC Apps
With Web Call Server 4

Convenient API for integration and UI development. Reliable platform for business. Launch your web-streaming or web-SIP solution with WCS4 and save a lot of your time.


and Streaming Media Engine

  • New server engine for WebRTC-SIP calls, instant messaging and streaming video in one box.
  • Software platform for browser calls, Internet phones, videochats, webinars, broadcasts, conferences and many more.
  • Simplified integration with existing web applications thanks to new JavaScript API and server-side REST API.


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Please take a look at the documentation to find answers to all questions on setting up and managing the server as well as development. If you find any mistakes or discrepancies, please contact us.

User Guide | Admin Guide | Developer Guide | Call Flow | Specification

User Guide | Admin Guide | Developer Guide | Call Flow | Specification

Download Now

Start with getting a license, installing the server and testing provided examples.

Download WCS4 SERVER – download and install on your Linux x86_64 server.

Download WCS4 CLIENT (JavaScript API and examples) – contains Flash compiled swf file.

JavaScript API and examples (sources) – HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AS3 code.



WebRTC-SIP Gateway

Connect browser calls and text message sending to any existing SIP equipment. WCS will work with any PBX-server or a SIP-proxy supporting SIP protocol.



Streaming Video WebRTC-Server

Publish and broadcast any number of WebRTC audio and video streams using the simple and easy to use  JavaScript API. Play WebRTC streams from IP-cameras and other devices and servers through the RTSP protocol.



JavaScript and REST API for Quick Integration

Apply the convenient JavaScript API for quick development of WebRTC-applications for calls and streaming video. Integrate WCS with your system and database by means of a universal REST API, working via the standard HTTP/JSON protocols and doesn’t depend on technologies used.



Web Call Server Demo

Take a look at WCS4 demo samples



WebRTC-SIP Web-Phone | Click-to-Call Minimal | No-SIP videochat | WebRTC IP-Camera Streaming | WebRTC Streaming | WebRTC to iOS Safari | Demo Sources

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Licensing and Costs

Web Call Server pricing page for more information.


The 4.0 version is out of date

Please visit the Web Call Server 5 product page