Testing of an online call from the website to mobile phones and SIP using Click to Call function

We test calling from the Google Chrome browser to a mobile phone. We use Web Call Server demo at https://wcs5-us.flashphoner.com:8888 and the Demo / Click to Call section.



Testing a call from Google Chrome to a mobile phone via the SIP gateway

We use freecall.com as a SIP provider. Data listed below are enough to make a call to a mobile phone. The number of the callee is: +79230000000

Parameter Example
sipLogin TEST009
sipPassword 12345678
sipDomain freecall.com
sipPort 5060



As a result, the mobile phone receives the incoming call. After the callee picks up the phone, a voice communication is established between the web browser and the mobile phone, and the button changes to Hangup. Clicking this button allows to finish the call.


If you have SIP data from your SIP provider or a publically available digital switch, you can try to make a call using our demo page.

Adding of the Click to Call button on a website is thoroughly described in the Embedding section.


Download Web Call Server 5

System requirements: Linux x86_64, 1 core CPU, 1 Gb RAM, Java

    Download Now    


  1. wget https://flashphoner.com/download-wcs5-server.tar.gz
  2. Unpack and install using 'install.sh'
  3. Launch server using command 'service webcallserver start'
  4. Open the web interface https://host:8888 and activate your license


If you are using Amazon EC2, you don't need to download anything.

Launch WCS5 on Amazon EC2


Web Call Server 5 - Trial

The 30-days license is provided once for a person or organization. Please use your corporate email.