Major Improvements and Bugfixes

H.264 codec is enabled by default for Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK for WebRTC

In the latest version of WCS5 we have enabled H.264 codec by default. For end-users it means better quality and better compatibility between WebRTC and RTMP platforms. H.264 codec is supported everywhere: on SIP, on RTSP, on HLS, on WebRTC, on Flash platforms. Therefore we have a chance to avoid H.264-VP8 transcoding and much reduce CPU usage.

Latest builds

WCS server performance has been improved for WebRTC and RTMP streams

We have improved and optimized performance of Web Call Server 5.

navigator.mozGetUserMedia has been replaced by navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia in Firefox 45

Firefox changes WebRTC API in the part of getUserMedia object.

Now you should use navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia instead of navigator.mozGetUserMedia  for Firefox browser.

We Have Implemented Simple Administrator Interface

It is a major improvement for two reasons

1) We have implemented all demo interfaces working out of the box.

We Have Added Powerful Monitoring Add-on For WCS3

We have released update for Web Call Server 3 with built-in powerful script for system monitoring.

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