We release unique real-time streaming video player for mobile iOS Safari browser based on HTML5 technology, as a part of its solution Web Call Server 4 – server-side streaming video and telecommunication platform.

The purpose of the product is live video playback capability embedded directly into a webpage body on iPhone and iPad devices working under iOS.

Flashphoner developers managed to implement streaming video playback with pure HTML5 and to make a video playback window a common interface element of a webpage just like a button, a link or a form.

The uniqueness of the solution is in pure HTML5 functioning and video rendering by technical means of the iOS Safari browser itself, without using any additional video players or third-party applications.

Browser-based HTML5 video player supports H.264 and AAC codecs and can play video streams from IP cameras and media servers via the RTSP protocol and from mobile Android browsers via the WebRTC technology. The player easily integrates to any webpage.

Usually when you open a video clip on your iPhone or watch a video broadcasting, iOS runs a separate application – HLS-player that plays a video with about 20 seconds latency. We, on the other hand, suggest playing a video directly on a page with an average latency of 3-5 seconds and without any third-party applications. And the same page can display any other arbitrary content: text chat, banner and so on. This makes our solution a great choice to create online broadcasting on iPhone and iPad.


Streaming video server for iOS Safari: https://flashphoner.com/wcs5


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