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What does this mean “SIP/GSM” calls. Do you provide GSM calls?

No, we are not a GSM provider. But we can handle calls to GSM and PSTM numbers and receive inbound calls, if you are using a SIP provider with GSM/PSTN call termination capabilities or if you have a hardware SIP-GSM gateway or a hardware card with sockets for SIM cards and PBX server supporting such hardware.
Flashphoner will communicate with such GSM equipment via SIP and RTP, therefore a GSM call can be established.

Is there any SDK or API which can help to integrate it with our existing flash application?

We provide open source code for our default web client. Each commit of our code has a build artifact.
So, you can fetch the source code, develop and customize it and compare with our official builds.
Please contact our support to clarify with actual branch.

Current branches:
WC3 – wcs_video
RSGW for Wowza3 – master
RSGW for Wowza4 – rsgw-wz4

Is there any connection limitation for Wb Call Server with a valid purchased license?

If you have a valid WCS license, the license allows unlimited number of connections. However number of simultaneous calls and set of features migtht be limited according to the license plan.

If i have a multiplexed audio+video stream from Flash Player to server, can i split the stream and forward audio only to SIP side?

If you have a license without video capabilities and you are publihing an audio and video stream, for example H.264 + G.711, the stream will be

Is RTMP SIP Gateway a separated server or it is a plugin or extension for Wowza?

RTMP SIP Gateway is not separated server or box. It is a set of libraries, configs, settings and server-side application phone_app for Wowza Media Server(Wowza3) or Wowza Streaming engine(Wowza4).

How to use the bugreporting capability with WCS?

The bugreporting capability is designed for high detailed logs which can decrease investigation time and help us to resolve any issue in your environment.

What firewall and NAT rules should be used with WCS?


Here is an example for Amazon EC2 NAT rules. You can use the same for other server or hosting:


There are a set of firewall and routing rules if your server is located behind a firewall and/or NAT:




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