Flashphoner Privacy Policy for Android Tools

Flashphoner built the applications as free examples for demonstrating work of Android applications with Web Call Server. This page is intended to inform about our privacy policy if you choose to use any of the applications.

For a proper usage of one of the demo applications, you would be required to allow access to network, microphone and (for some of the applications) camera. The application will use the access to establish connection to a Web Call Server and stream media (audio and video captured on the device) to the server.

If you allow the access, then you agree to the collection and use of the data in accordance to this policy.

Data Collection and Use

Flashphoner will not use or share your connection information and media data with anyone. However, you should be aware that when you are streaming media to a Web Call Server, the data is available on the server, and, for demonstrating the recording functionality, it can be stored on the server. Therefore, for security purposes, you are supposed to use the applications either with a Flashphoner demo WCS server, or with your WCS server.

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