Download and install Web Call Server 5.0

This package is built for Linux x86_64 server, at least 2 Gb RAM, 1 core CPU

Download Web Call Server 5.0


1. Unpack archive: tar -xvzf download-wcs5-server.tar.gz
2. Run the installation: ./
3. Run the WCS server: service webcallserver start
4. Make sure the server is up and running: tail -f /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/logs/flashphoner_manager.log
5. Open web admin in your browser: https://host:8888
6. Activate your license and set admin password.


You don’t need to download or install the software if you are using Amazon EC2

Launch WCS on Amazon EC2


Web Call Server 5 - Trial

The 30-days license is provided once for a person or organization. Please use your corporate email.



If your trial license has expired, you can purchase a new license here