Testing of a WebRTC video stream broadcasting to iOS Safari via Websockets

We send a video stream from the Google Chrome browser via the WebRTC technology and fetch this video stream from the iOS Safari browser using the Websockets technology


To run the test we need the demo server at https://wcs5-eu.flashphoner.com and two web interfaces: Demo / Streaming Min и Demo / WS Player Min


Testing of broadcasting form Chrome to iOS Safari

Open Demo / Streaming Min in the Google Chrome browser and establish connection to the server by clicking the ‘Connect’ button. Then, we enter an arbitrary name for the stream and click ‘Start’ to send the stream. The ‘publishing’ status shows that the WebRTC video is being sent to the server.


Open Demo / WS Player Min in the iOS Safari browser and also click the ‘Connect’ button to establish connection to the server. Then, we enter the stream name to play and click the ‘Play’ button.


For this test we used iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.1

To embed the Websocket Player for iOS Safari to your website, please refer to the Embedding section.



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