WCS installation and configuring

To start working, download and install the WCS server to your Linux system


Minimum system requirements are: Linux x86_64, 1 core, 1 Gb RAM, Java (JVM)


You can download the WCS server from here: http://flashphoner.com/download


Installation process:


1. Unpack the archive: tar -xvzf download-wcs5-server.tar.gz

2. Run the installation script: ./install.sh

3. Start the WCS server: service webcallserver start

4. Make sure the service has started successfully: tail -f /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/logs/flashphoner_manager.log

5. Open the web interface in a browser: https://host:8888

6. Activate your license and set an administrator password.


If the installation finished successfully, at https://host:8888 the demo examples described in the present documentation will be available.


To test demo examples normally in Google Chrome, open the page at https://host:8443 once and confirm the security exception when the browser pops up the warning.

Further, after importing valid SSL certificates, this procedure is not required anymore. However, you should do this once, otherwise connection to the server at wss://host:8443 will fail.


Here is how the browser asks to confirm the certificate exception.




After clicking 'ADVANCED' and 'Proceed to', the certificate is imported, and the browser is ready to establish secured connections to wss://host:8443 addresses used in the demo examples.

You can skip these steps and install valid SSL certificates later.




The installation and activation process is thoroughly described in Administrator Manual