You can redefine data sent in the REST API methods using REST API. All data sent except for context (nodeId, sessionId, appKey) can be redefined by the WebServer. According to Web Call Server - Call Flow manual, there are three types of REST API methods:


Direct WCS JavaScript API calls (the 'call' method)

Events (CallStatusEvent)

Incoming calls, messages or transfers (OnCallEvent)


When a direct call begins, like in the 'call' method: call({callee: "Alice"}), the Web-server can redefine parameters of such a call and change them to {callee:"Bob"}. As a result, the INVITE-query sent to SIP will be: "Bob".




In case of an event, for instance, CallStatusEvent, we can also redefine status data of the call. For example, we can add some information to the 'info' field. {info:"info"} >>> {info:"New info"}. Then, this modified event is passed to a Web-client.




Finally, if we process an incoming message, we can replace the text of the message {body:"Hello"} >>> {body:"Hello / Flashphoner Message"}. Then, this modified incoming message is sent to a Web-client.




Parameters you can redefine are listed in Web Call Server - Call Flow.