Command Line Interface

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CLI - Command Line Interface is utilized for server management using text commands.





show groups

show groups

Show groups.

add group

add group NEW_GROUP

Create new group

remove group

remove group NEW_GROUP

Delete group

show users

show users

List of users

add user

add user alice 12345 ADMIN

Add user with a designated name, password and group

remove user

remove user alice

Delete user

update user

update user alice DEVELOPERS

Change user data

show permissions

show permissions

Show access permissions to every operation

add permission

add permission --groups ADMIN --users alice 'add user'

Restrict access permissions to this operation. Only specified users and groups can perform this operation.

update permission

update permission --groups 'ADMIN,STAFF' --users='alice' hello

Change access permissions to this operation. Only specified users and groups can perform this operation.

remove permission

remove permission 'add user'

Delete access permissions to this operation. In this case this operation will be available for super group only.

show operations

show operations

Show list of operations, access permissions to which can be restricted.

show apps

show apps

Show list of applications

add app

add app MyApp MyAppKey 'http://localhost'

Add new application

update app

update app --c-class 'com.flashphoner.MyCallbackClass' --m-class 'com.flashphoner.MyMainClass' --u-rest 'REST_USER' --p-rest 'REST_PWD' MyApp


Change application settings:


m-class - main class agent

c-class - Callback class agent

u-rest - username which is used for authentication of HTTPS - requests between WCS and Web-server.

p-rest - Password for HTTP authentication.

remove app

remove app MyApp

Delete application

show rest-methods

show  rest-methods

Show all REST-methods available

show app-rest-methods

show app-rest-methods MyApp

Show a set of REST-methods, which are enabled for current application

remove app-rest-method

remove app-rest-method MyApp ErrorStatusEvent

Delete REST-method from application

add app-rest-method

add app-rest-method MyApp 'OnConnectionEvent'

Add REST-method with the designated name for current application



passwd alice

Change password.

Password of another user can only be changed by user from super group

show server-status

show server-status

Show server status

node stop

node stop

Stop WCS server

node start

node start

Start WCS server

node restart

node restart

Restart WCS server