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Addition of new group and new user, which can add other users in the system.

STAFF group addition

oadd group STAFF

oshow groups

User bob addition

oadd user bob bobsPassword STAFF

oshow users

User management permissions addition to the system

oadd permission -g STAFF "show users"

oadd permission -g STAFF "add user"

oadd permission -g STAFF "update user"

oadd permission -g STAFF "remove user"


New user addition, which is similar to user bob and has permissions to add users:

user jon addition

oadd user jon jonsPassword STAFF

oshow users

User automatically inherits the rights of STAFF group because they were added to this group. As a result they can add new users.


User jon deactivation. The user data will not be deleted after deactivation, but user will not be able to log in the system:


oupdate user -a false jon

oshow users -d


Addition of a user, which can supervise other users' information:

group ACCOUNTANT addition

oadd group ACCOUNTANT

oshow groups

user alice addition

oadd user alice alicesPassword ACCOUNTANT

oshow users

enable users supervision to user alice

oupdate permission -a -u alice "show users"

oshow permissions


Allow all users in groups STAFF and ACCOUNTANT to change their passwords:

corresponding record creation

oadd permission -g STAFF,ACCOUNTANT passwd