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Application addition for existing user bob with ConnectionStatusEvent and ErrorStatusEvent methods enabled:

application addition

oadd app -o bob BobsApp bobAppKey "http://bobs_web_server.example.com/app"

methods addition to application

oadd app-rest-method BobsApp ConnectionStatusEvent

oadd app-rest-method BobsApp ErrorStatusEvent


Application change, HTTP-authentication data addition, HTTP-address change:

oupdate app -u bobs_app -p paSsw0rd BobsApp

oupdate app -l "https://bobs_new_server.example.com/secureApp" BobsApp


Application assignation to another user and ErrorStatusEvent method removal:

user change

oupdate app -o alice BobsApp

method removal

oremove app-rest-method BobsApp ErrorStatusEvent


All application methods addition/removal:


oremove app-rest-method -a BobsApp


oadd app-rest-method -a BobsApp