WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server

Server-side software for online broadcasting via a browser, webinars, online lectures and other events based on broadcasting a videostream to an unlimited number of Internet spectators

Possible sources of audio- and videostream are a WebRTC browser plus a common web-camera, or a stationary professional IP-camera with RTSP support.

Other possible sources include media servers or any other RTSP devices supporting H.264, VP8 video codecs and G.711, Speex, Opus audio codecs.



  • Audio codec support: G.711, Speex, Opus
  • Video codec support: VP8, H.264
  • Protocol support: RTSP, RTP, RTCP
  • Browser tecnology support: WebRTC, HTML5 Websockets, Websockets SSL


WebRTC server operation diagram

WebRTC server installs on any Linux system, be that a home or office comupter, a server in a typical data-center rack, or even a virtual VPS-server.

After a server has been set up and is running, it can receive inbound audio and video streams and broadcast these streams in the ‘one-to-many’ format – one client publishes the stream, while many spectators watch it. Common examples of such an approach are webinars, lectures, online translations and other events that require direct live Internet broadcasting of a video stream.




Usage examples

Example №1: We can use any WebRTC compatible web browser as a source (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE). Therefore, a video stream produced by a common web camera is redirected through a local WebRTC browser to a WebRTC server and is broadcast to other WebRTC browsers then.

Example №2: Other common example is using an IP-camera as a stream source. Unlike conventional web cameras, IP-cameras do not require connection to a computer, as they are able to transmit a video stream directly to the network using RTSP and RTP protocols and encoding the stream using  H.264 and G.711 codecs. After that, the video obtained from the IP-camera is broadcasted to other browsers via WebRTC.

Example №3: You can also use a third-party RTSP-server as a source of a video stream. Server data are transferred to a WebRTC server and are broadcast through WebRTC. This way also allows “video on demand” broadcasting.


WebRTC video broadcasting

After WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server is installed and configured, you can easily broadcast a WebRTC stream from your browser to an unlimited number of Internet users.

Here is a snapshot of a user interface taken from the side of the broadcaster. Below the footage you can find a web-link to that stream and the ‘Copy’ button to copy the link to the clipboard and share it with anyone else.



The next screenshot look very similar to the above one. The only difference is that it shows the interface from spectator’s side. It allows to pause the playback and switch to fullscreen.




Embedding WebRTC broadcasts to an existing website or project

To embed such a broadcast to an existing webinar or online translation you should simply send the stream identifier specified in the link, to the audience it was intended for.  This can be done using typical PHP and Javascript programming.

You can obtain more detail information about setting up and configuring of a server as well as about running an online broadcasting in the following articles:

Running a WebRTC online broadcasting using a web camera and a VPS server
Running a WebRTC online broadcasting using Dlink 2103 camera and a VPS server

WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server is based on the Web Call Server platform. Please fill in the below form to get the free 30-day trial version.

You can download WebRTC Media & Broadcasting Server for Linux here.


Absolutely Free Non-Profit 1-Stream License!

The license is designed for non-profit persons who delivers themself one audio+video stream to other viewers through the WebRTC Server. Simply setup a hosting and install WebRTC Server. For example you can use AmazonEC2 or Digitalocean cloud hosting. Read also review how to run WebRTC broadcasting. The license requires keeping of Flashphoner branding at the playback window. See more about branding requirements.


WebRTC Server — Commercial License

The server offers two types of licenses: the SIMPLE license for $999 and the ENTERPRISE license. The simple license is available for online purchase with technical support provided on the forum. The enterprise license offers individual technical support as well. Besides, under the terms of this type of license we can sign an agreement providing technical support and servicing guarantees and other required documents.

1. Support forums Yes Yes
2. Individual support by e-mail and via the ticket system No Yes
3. Guaranteed support response time No Next business day
4. Installation on your server $149 Order Included
5. License cost $999 Buy Learn more
6. No branding license cost * $1499 Buy Learn more


1. Support for all questions regarding operation of the software is performed on the forum. If you have a Google or Facebook account you can join the support forum in two clicks.

2. Individual support by e-mail and via the ticket system, as well as any support beyond the forum is available for ENTERPRISE licenses only.

3. Generally, we respond promptly and assist in resolving any issues on the forum. Guaranteed support response time is available for ENTERPRISE license only – it is the next business day.

4. All questions regarding installation and requirements of the server can be asked on the support forum. Besides, we can install the software on your server upon request. Here you can order installation. To install the software we will need an SSH access to your server.

5. If you use a SIMPLE or a FREE 1-Stream license without the no branding option, you must explicitly display one of the below texts directly in the video playback window of your online broadcasting with a visible direct link to http://flashphoner.com.

Branding examples:
Video streaming software powered by Flashphoner
WebRTC streaming is powered by Flashphoner
Streaming software by Flashphoner
WebRTC engine by Flashphoner
Live broadcasting software by Flashphoner

To remove the branding link, you should purchase a SIMPLE license for the no branding license cost.

6. You cannot use a SIMPLE and an ENTERPRISE license simultaneously.
Purchasing an ENTERPRISE license makes the SIMPLE license void and vice versa.

7. If you agree with the terms of a license, you can buy a SIMPLE license for the WebRTC server right now. If you have any other questions left, please start a topic on our forum.




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